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Vejam que sincronicidade! Vou lançar a campanha de crowdfunding (financiamento coletivo) para o e hoje acordei 2h20 da manhã para trabalhar neste projetos e mais uma dezena, e recebo este e-mail que é um PRESENTE. Estão me convidando para uma entrevista sobre o uso do .CLUB como estratégia de domínios.

Ah! Usando o link – – você ganha 10% de desconto e, se nos avisar os domínios que registrou, ganhará bônus extras como por exemplo:

Leia o post e aprenda sobre os novos domínios

Hi team,
We hope you and everyone in your circle are staying safe and healthy during these crazy times!

I am the Marketing Manager at .CLUB Domains, the registry operator for the .CLUB domain extension. We’re very happy that you chose to use for your website. We are always interested in highlighting and supporting businesses that use a .CLUB domain, and we are launching a series of short video interviews with .CLUB businesses that we’ll feature on our blog, YouTube Channel, Newsletter, and Social Media, to help you promote your business (and let folks see a great example of .CLUB in action. We’d be honored if you, or someone from the team would be able to participate in our “Featured .CLUB” series.

For the interview video, you could use a camera, webcam, or even a mobile phone to record the answers to the questions below. We’ll edit in the questions in the final video so if you say the questions on screen please pause before and after.


  1. What is all about?
  2. What sets apart from other similar businesses or services?
  3. What was the inspiration behind starting
  4. Why did you choose the domain Do you see any benefits of using a .club domain?
  5. What are your future plans with and what can your customers/visitors expect?
  6. Which registrar did you get your name from?
  7. Is there anything else you’d like to mention that we did not ask?

A few tips to help you record the video (which you likely already know):
· Please test the lighting and audio quality beforehand. If you’re in a room with a bright window, please face the window so the light shines onto your face (unless you want to look like you are in the witness protection program) 🙂
· A tripod or a phone stand or a mechanism to keep your phone/camera still without you or someone holding it would be ideal.
· Please record using the highest quality you have available (HD 1080p is ideal).
· Just try to make sure there isn’t a lot of background noise, and your voice is clear.
· Try to look at the camera lens when speaking, and not at yourself on the screen if using a webcam or phone in selfie mode.
We hope you’ll consider participating in our “Featured .CLUB” series and send us a short video. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

Thanks again for your consideration and for being a member of the .CLUB! Whether you can send us a video or not, we truly appreciate that you have selected a .CLUB domain name for your website.

We hope to hear from you. Stay safe and healthy.

Amber Yu YAO
Marketing Manager,
.Club Domains

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